The Barberhood first opened its doors to the public in January of 2016. Located in the heart of the Excelsior District, The BarberHood has been blessed with opportunity to work alongside other small businesses in a growing and diverse community. Founder and Head Barber, Jonathan Zavala, made it his mission to make everyone's experience in his establishment feel like you're part of the BarberHood family. For the most genuine and finest haircut and beard trimming experience in San Francisco, head on down to 5242 Mission St and become a member of the family. 


Jonathan Zavala (AKA) JAY

Owner / Barber

“My spark of ignition into this barber tradition was at age 19 when I enrolled to Bayview Barber College. At age 24 I had the opportunity to get this location to call my own barbershop, and I started with bear minimum. Its been 2 years now its great seeing how the shop has slowly developed into what it is today. Still more to come new barbers to enjoy, and good conversation with quality work” .


Dejon Boyd


“I first start cutting hair at age 14 and I have been licensed for 5 years. After building my own shop in the east bay I wanted to be back home in San Francisco. I wanted to bring my skills and knowledge to a Barbershop Establishment that shared my passion and value for be a Barber, The Barberhood was the perfect place for me while I’m attending SFSU.